Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the mud fest - riding UK style

Here in the UK, we are well into our "winter" season, yesterday was -2 degrees and we had snow on the ground here in London for the second time this month

The snow was so heavy in the morning I rode to work in my Spy goggles so i had some chance of seeing where the hell I was going!

But as the snow never lasts and the rain always come back, it quickly turns our trails into a mud bath

Now some riders hate mud riding, others seem to love it, and in the UK its so wet and muddy most of the year that you either deal with or give up riding...

I've never been shy of bad weather or riding in the mud, cleaning the bike afterwards is definitely a hassle but its all part of the game

I took my Mythic Rampant out this morning and soon got caked head to toe in mud whilst having great fun sliding around the trails above NW London, an hour and a half of mud riding is a great workout for sure

The Rampant doesn't seem bothered by the mud, probably because Canada is also somewhat muddy from time to time!

The pivots are holding up fine, despite lots of muddy rides, post-ride cleaning with Muc-Off cleaner and the occasional re-grease using Keith's clever grease axle system

It may be muddy out there, and freezing cold, but hey..I'm having fun

happy trails!

Rob C