Monday, November 17, 2008

Mythic AMP price confirmed for the UK

We've been getting calls from UK riders asking about the price for the new Mythic AMP hardtail frame, which is due quite soon, with more AMP's to follow in February 2009

Our initial pricing was looking to be GBP£285, which would have put it in-line with other DJ/Park/Street frames from DMR, Identiti, Flow, etc.

Keith's prototype AMP back in Spring 2008 at Esher Shore

However, due to the recent fall in Sterling (£) against the US dollar and other Global currencies, all prices are rising on bikes, parts and accessories coming into the UK (not just Mythic!)

Based on current exchange rates we have set our AMP frame price at a retail price of GBP£399.99, but the actual selling price through Freeborn Direct is £349.99

Its still a great deal for an awesome hydroformed aluminium frame, which is definitely very different to the generic cromoly DJ frames flooding the market

And of course the cromoly DJ frames will also be rising in price as distributors pay more as the pound weakens, so the AMP is not "overpriced" by any means

Supplies of the AMP from the first drop before Christmas are very limited, so get in quick if you want one....they are coming in raw finish, short and long sizes, and we will be doing great deals on Rockshox Argyle 318 forks if you want a sweet fork to go with your new AMP frame!

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Rob C