Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rob C goes Mental !!

I've always been a huge fan of Syncros components...going way back to the early 90's when I was a shop sponsored, expert-class, cross-country racing guy churning out 200+ off-road miles a week and doing pretty well in the Nationals and long distance events across the UK

In 1993 I had an awesome XC racing bike courtesy of my sponsors "Hardisty Cycles" (a shop in Newcastle, N-East England that also sponsored UK DH legend Jason McRoy)

My KHE Team (heat-treated True Temper steel) was dripping in Syncros finishing kit including their legendary ahead-set stem (with the angle stem cap), iconic seatpost, alloy bar and titanium bottom bracket, although I never managed to get my sticky hands on their True Temper steel crankset....

Its funny how I ended up involved with Mythic, the UK side of Banshee bikes, born of Pippin Osbourne, founder of the original Syncros, and one of the founders of Banshee bikes - the same engineering know-how and attention to detail that I loved about Syncros shone through with the Banshee and Mythic Screams, Chaparrals and Morphines!

Well Syncros got relaunched some time back, and is currently part of the Tom Ritchey portfolio, but they still make some innovative, tough and well engineered stuff

I've been running their Mental Alloy pedals for over 2 years and finally they started squeaking and getting a little loose...time for a rebuild kit

Considering they have had some serious abuse in Whistler, the North Shore of Vancouver, Welsh and Scottish trail riding, English winters, Dirt Jumping and everything in between, they have been super durable and an example of why I always spend good money on good pedals

Then I got talking to the importers of Syncros and realised the price had dropped on the Mental Magnesium pedals, which are also a sweet off-white colour, a great match to my red/white Mythic Rampant

One rebuild kit and one set of Magnesium pedals later (thanks to Jungle UK ;) ) I am back on my favourite "new" pedals and rebuilding my old Mental Alloy pedals in the workshop at Freeborn over the weekend

nothing like treating yourself to early Christmas presents, especially with such a sweet bike as the Rampant?

happy trails......

rob C