Monday, November 24, 2008

Paradox Update

So wow... pretty stoked on all the interest on the Paradox. Seems people are digging the direction we're taking.
We've had a little wager put on whether or not we'll have a few 29r companies taking notice and changing their hardtails to incorporate what we've done to get the shorter chainstays. The other way was like the Sinister Simon bar with the S shape... but we've gone with a slight bend as it looks less drastic but still gives us the classic look of a hardtail while getting that tire as close in as possible.
Again we've got a 2.4 Schwable in there to check for clearance and it is a big fat tire... if it fits everything else should also fit. You can see by the pics how we're doing for clearance.

One issue however was with the front derailleur. With the tire so close it leaves little room for some FD's as they tend to stick alot of junk between the seattube and the tire. I have confirmed that the SRAM X9 top pull will work with this bike and I haven't decided but may include it with the frame, or at the very least have it as an option. Sometimes you have to make compromises but I think the shorter stays will make up for having to use an X9. If you want to do it on the cheap you can always take your X7 and hack off the down pull arm and then you'll have no issues, but that is a last resort.

We also have made sure our ISCG is rotated in the proper plane to account for the BB drop. This will insure good alignment on all chainguides and the Hammerschmidt. We've got an order in with Sram so we can try all these parts to make sure when our riders get the frame everything will fit.
I do need to check with Crank Bros about getting a Joplin to try. We have 4 cable guides along the top tube. Joplin, Front derailleur, Rear derailleur, Rear brake. Also one guide along the downtube for the Hammerschmidt. Thats alot of cable guides!!!
Oh just remembered... gotta figure out how to get 2 bottle mounts in the triangle considering the bent seattube.

We've also got enough room for the 203 rotor, and check out that sexy sweep in the seatstays. Only thing left to do is add one more cable guide on the non driveside seatstay, get it into the oven for T6, then the alignment table, drilling of the BB shell, then.... anyway theres still lots to do. Even a hardtail requires alot of work.

Anyway i'm super stoked on this bike... yes its just a hardtail but I can't help but be super pleased with how its going together.