Sunday, November 23, 2008

CPSC Prop 65. bahhhhh!!!!

One of the super cool things you get to do when you're in the bike industry is deal with lawyers, legal stuff and the navigating of government regulations. I especially like reading legalese - you know the language made up by lawyers so that you have to pay them 1000's of dollars just to translate it.
So the bike industry is in a bit of a scramble right now for anyone that ships into the USA. I've spent plenty of hours on the CPSC home site and figure I have digested enough to give me a pretty decent understanding of what we'll need to do. We're already in compliance, but just need a little peice of paper stating that we are. I just need to confirm one thing with the gov. office and then we'll be good to go. So don't worry if your Banshee will get to you... it will! We're all over this like flys to sh*t... or lawyers to ambulances.

For those of you who are in other bike companies that look at this blog... here's the latest. .