Thursday, June 12, 2008

My bike just got better

June 12, 2008

Published by nato

My bike just got better.
Well it is still a wetter than normal spring here in the "sunny" okanagan valley but it is a good time to get the trails buffed before they dry out.
I spent a few hours last nite tuning the in-run and lip on my new stunt up Addiction. It is a step-up to bowled table to step down that you need to time just right to make the gaps. It also threads through trees.
I had over 60 lbs on my backpack, chainsaw, pickaxe, shovel, spikes, hammer,etc. pushing my Banshee Wildcard up the trail to work. Fun ride out thou!

Today i got the gillard bug and decided to try my bikes 5" travel setting for the first time. Wow! I thought i had a wicked bike before but this is just plane awesome! We hit up "Yo-Mama" with a few buds and i was instantly loving the increased pop and speed through the corners. Yo-Mama has some tight corners with doubles mid corner, and some nice senders. I was a little wet once we got into the trees but still super fun.
Next up was FistsFirst which has some dialed new berms which were a blast rifling through. There is a big step down hip that you can send 30+ feet down that was minty, but the slimy logride to gap after it was moldy. After Fistfirst we pushed up to RubHerDown, love the lighter weight Wildcard on the hike-a-bike bits. I found an axe left by some partiers that will work perfect for building so I stuck that in my pack and drop into my buddies trail, RubHerDown.

RubHerDown was good as always, feels like you are off the ground half the time. Next up we were off to Boss Hog to finish the lap. There is a huge amount of new blow down even from a few weeks back that has been nicely taken care of. Props to the builders and maintenance guys up there. Watched the look of fear in a buddies eyes as he nose cased the big step up on the HOG and just about got tossed. Good times fer sure. Finished off Boss and I watched the bikes while they got the trucks. I buffed up a little step down to puddle jump at the lower parking lot that i had built last year while waiting. The weather looked to be clearing over Postil so i decided that would be good for an afternoon rip.
I crept my little Fireflee down the access road swearing that i would not be taking it up there again. The road is brutally rough, in a little car with bagged out shocks and struts. Drive across town and get to Postil just in time time to jump in with a group of three heading up Addiction. As i gear up i realize i left my pack with all my tools and first aid gear up Gillard. Grrrrrrr.... grits teeth. So did a quick rip with the groms i got a ride up with and then booked it back up Gillard. The road was a little better the second time up and atleast my bag still there. Back over to Postil and met up with my bud Randy who hits just about all the big stuff and is a 50+ grampa. Did another 3 laps and sessioned the big line up top till we were all pooped.
Had so much fun i could not believe i was riding a 5" bike. Drops that were making me nervous last year on my old 8" DH are a new place to try throwing tricks now. Fun fun.

Thanks to the boys at Banshee bikes, Straitline components, Stpectrum techwear, and Outbound Cycle, for all your support.