Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Team Dead Bros Banshee

Hey ya'll! ....hold on let me try again... What's up world wide web, this is Devon from Team Dead Bros Banshee. You have probably seen some of my photos on this blog. Just wanted to drop a line to everyone to give a shout and introduce the team.

Linden Carlson- "Hey Culligan Man!"
Age: a day older then yesterday
Location: Glenwood Springs CO
Profession: Banshee ripper, pro plummer
Bikes: 4yr old Morphine, custom Scream, Scratch, gearx custom fixie, 1960's road
Race: DH

Curt Clemetson- "He has springs for legs"
Age: Unknown, lets just say he is the wisest
Location: Assspen CO
Profession: powder ripper, cat driver, trail builder, dh ripper
Bikes: NorCo, and ....patiently awaiting the arrival of his one of fifty Legends.
Race: DH

Rachel Bauer- "let's just leave it at that"
Age: Old enough to kick your a$$ on a bike
Location: Assspen CO
Profession: Pro skier, Pro DH racer (NO OFFICIAL SPONSORS!!!), greeter at wal-mart (the last part was a joke)
Bikes: Rockey Mountain Switch, and ....patiently awaiting the arrival of her one of fifty Legends.
Race: DH

Devon Balet- "someone else needs to come up with something to be said here"
Age: 24 i'm the pup in camp
Location: currently Glenwood Springs CO and be seen in a town near you
Profession: Pro photographer and pro bike mechanic
Bikes: Scirocco, Viento built to xtracycle, and one day i will have a Rune, Lemond road bike, tall bike, and raleigh fixie
Race: I'm the dude in the trees with the flashes going off.

So there you go all... a face to the names. Keep checkin' back cause Team Dead Bros will be making some noise and getting on the podium.