Sunday, June 8, 2008

Esher Slopestyle park

time is running out fast, we've got less than 3 weeks to go until the "2008 MBUK Shore Showdown Jam" but with all hands on deck the new Slopestyle park is coming along very well

tonight we finished the intermediate line by completing the "kona" box and landing / berm, although the third stunt (currently a big dirt volcano) needs rebuilding - its going to have a timber launch added to the front to pick up extra speed for the kona box

John "Jesus" Holme managed to throw the chain off his Scirocco and put a large hole in his shin, and i also had a drivetrain related "incident" (not throwing a chain but having a collision with a chainring)

messing around - tiretap on timber tabletop

more messing around - nose wheelie on timber tabletop

air time on the expert line

I'll get some photos up of the "finished" slopestyle park in a week or two, although there are already plans to add a gap to elevated wallride, 40 foot wide x 15 foot high quarter pipe at the back, a timber booter to hip landing and all kinds of other sneaky stuntage where we can

big thanks to Robert Bigwood and Chris Seager-Smith for the photos


Rob C