Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Schwara s spring 08

Hi from central Europe.
Its a quite long time when i post my last report on Banshee block.
So what I have been doing?

At april I took part in local Four Down race. It was mixture of fourcross and downhill. I was the fastest at the qualifications. I won all runs expect the finals and took second place. My wildcard was perfect coice for this trail. It was lot of fun, Im not a 4x rider and I had very bad starts so I had to pass one or two riders every run:).

4x video:

Than I visit a German bikepark Geiskopf.

I was working on our local FR trail, make alot of freeriding, backcountry riding on my scirocco and some dirtjumping.

I love to ride my wildcard more and more!

Im working on plans of new bikepark in a ski resort in Czech Republic(psst! its still secret:))

And at last but not least Im working organization and Im designer and builder of park for on biggest slopestyle event in Czech Republic - Horsefeathers Kozzy Style. It s 5-6th July 08 and its going to be big! And about this I will post something tomorrow.