Sunday, June 15, 2008

Keith and Rob get airbourne

Keith turned up today at Esher, back from Taiwan and a nasty bout of Asian Flu :(

its been pretty cold and damp the last week here in England, but the sun came out yesterday, and today the Slopestyle park started drying out, and was ready for an after-hours session....

I am loving my Wildcard with the new Domain fork, and am also running a much thinner and lighter tire combo which is making my bike feel super smooth on the dirt jumps for that all important "boost" off the lips

the new Slopestyle park is coming along well, and we finally got the construction of the final trick jump nailed and completed last night after shifting a couple more tonnes of dirt

Keith put in a solid ride on his AMP, considering the scary jumps in the new Slopestyle park on the expert line, and Esher local "hot carl" worked on his jumping technique on his tank-like Demo 7

we've got 2 weeks until the MBUK Shore Showdown Jam, where the Slopestyle park gets its opening, and its looking good, we've got some clearing up to do, and if we get the time, we'll add some additional stunts

Phase 1 of the SS park build is almost done, but Phase 2 will add lots more stunts and sneaky transfers


Rob c