Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Legend Racers and an update

Update: June 19th
Val di Sole seeding has taken place and we have the following seeds
Marcelo Guiterrez - jr 11th spot
Matej Charvet - elite 29th
Markolf Berchtold - elite 54th

Stay up to date on all the results and check out the rest of the riders at

Marcelo and Markolf are in Val di Sole now for the world championships so were excited to see how they do.
News came back the Markolf placed 5th in Vigo. We're really happy for him and hope that he has continued success. Thats a great result and there were alot of riders that he had to go up against.
I'm only showing page one but there are another 2 pages of results

The 2nd batch [2 pcs] of prototypes were finished yesterday but we're still have some tolerancing issues that need to be address, so unfortunately it looks like we're still a bit away from getting these out of the prototype stage.
Basically you have to consider the build of the weld and if you put something too close to where a bushing or linkage needs to move then the only way to get it to work is to pull out the grinder. Thats ok for a few pieces but not so great when your running production as its very time consuming and costly.
Today I'll be sorting out with Keith where we have to make some adjustments.

On a brighter note the frame without shock has shed .5lbs and now comes in at 3.82kg [8.4lbs] without shock, hanger, maxle, or RD hanger.
With the shock around 2lbs [grabbed weights from Sicklines] the Legend should be just a little over 10.5 when you add the hanger, maxle, seatclamp.