Saturday, June 7, 2008

forking abuse...

rockshox classed the Lyric as an "all mountain fork" and after 7 months, maybe they were right!

whilst the Lyric's 2-step function still functions 100% ( a big contrast to the '07 forks which were problematic) and the seals are running sweet (again a contrast to '07), the physical structure of the forks has had enough of me using my Wildcard as an oversized, sprung BMX bike

as we have been building the Esher slopestyle park, we have been riding the sh*t out everything we have built - some stunts and jumps worked, others didn't and got torn down

this has meant lots of overshoots and ugly landings, plus the constant temptations of being a bmx rider let loose on a sprung bike in a bike park..." can i footjam on my MTB?", "what if i do a 2 foot high bunnhop to fakie rollback off the lip of a dirt jump?" and so on...

the Lyric held up well, but has developed a scary crackling noise which has been getting louder and louder

warranty is 3 weeks away, as is the Esher Shore 08 Jam, and we've still got to finish the slopestyle park which means i need a working bike

Domain 318 Coil U-turn stepped in, huge thanks to Freeborn bikes ( for the hook up, and I am rocking again

the Domain is nearly 1 lb heavier but feels much burlier with its steel stanchions and steel steerer, plus the coil u-turn (115mm-160mm) get more progressive as you wind it down, which is perfect for DJ action where the 115mm setting makes the Wildcard feel really responsive

to be clear, i always rode my Lyric 2-step on the 115mm setting, apart from a couple of times using it on 160mm on bigger gaps jumps (freeride style), with the Domain i can run it around 130mm for the bigger gaps to provide more of a cushion yet keep the more nimble handling

very impressed with both the Domain fork and the Wildcard in the slopestyle park, its still a burly bike that will take serious abuse, but nimble enough to session the jumps and mess around doing silly bmx tricks....


rob c