Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wildcards galore....

The UK market seems to have really taken the Wildcard to heart...its the bike that everyone is asking us about, even if MBUK called it the "Wildcat" in their current magazine "next month preview" (don't worry we have got in touch to correct them...)

Here's a small selection of some of the Wildcard's we have built up / sold in the past couple months, although there are others out there that I don't have photos for

Most riders seems to be going with a Domain, Lyric or similar 6" fork, and we've sold more with the DHX Air shock although some riders have opted for the DHX coil

We have sold out our next shipment, and are taking orders for the following shipment already, and the MBUK magazine test hasn't even come out yet!

I've had some good news that they have put the Wildcard up against the Specialized SX Trail, the Norco 6 (x2?) and the Iron Horse 6.4 (?) which are all heavy duty all-mtn / light freeride bikes, so at least they haven't tried to mis-test it against the SC Nomad or Specialized Enduro SL...

The magazine goes to print soon, and should be on the shop shelves at the start of April; James from Freeborn and I are heading off on Wednesday to shoot the photos for the bike test (the actual bike test and the bike test photos are done seperately), and finally I get to bring my Wildcard home...its been away for 4 months which has seemed like an eternity

I'll bring you more news about the test when the mag hits the shelves


Rob C

Phil's new WC

Latest "Dirt" magazine with Freeborn advert featuring Wildcard

Jason's WC with Lyric Coil U-Turn forks

John's WC with Marzocchi Z-1 FR forks

Nick's WC with Lyric Coil U-Turn forks

Rob B's WC with Domain Coil U-Turn forks

My WC with Lyric 2-Step forks