Saturday, March 15, 2008

Legend Funn

It was Saturday morning, woke up and had swapped over the parts from the Scythe onto the Legend in record time. Unfortunately we didn't make record time to the show and ended up driving around for 4 hours looking for the convention center. Things to note in future... don't use maps in show guides, and just because people live in the city doesn't mean they'll know where the location is for a massive convention center which has been under construction for 6 years - taxi drivers and police included??!!

Its Sunday now and I'm relaxing in the lounge with Gabriel from Brazil and throwing this up online.

We went by the Funn both to see the Funn girls [Cosmic and Joan] and also to see Ollie cause I needed to get my pricelist and OE catalog. We spec Funn stuff on our bikes and they also are our team sponsors so its always good to say hi to the guys.

Gabriel says we're going to the bar with the Funn people tonight so I gotta finish up my meetings and put on my party helmet.