Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scott Alleyn and his new ride

Scott sent me some sick as photos - BIG THANKS David they look great - of him and his new wildcard... he also sent a few from a little sesh he did.
It looks like he got a little worked before the photo... Scott "Ya haha I broke my nose on a gt and I caught my tire in my face so it got all scratched up!! The wildcard is sick I session skate parks and street with it so funny I am off to kamloops next weekend for a road trip so more pics and maybe a video soon. I really badly want the new amp before creston comp which is at the end of may. If possible I would like a 22.5" actual tt size the small you sent me was a 21.75" actual and I would like it in kelly green! You can post those pics on your blog forshure the pics were taken by david bennison.
Peace Scott"

Somebody buy that kid a chaintensioner hahaha.