Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi from Szwed

Hallo Friends , first i want to tell You that i'm still alive !! hehe. And i just have started to ride again.

It's so F***ing hard for me to get back. My femour will be ok on july , then i have got operation on august and then probably next operation in 6 months time. It was hard for me when 6 weeks after accident "wife hehe " left me. Bad time , thanks to parents and my new great fiance i'm still here it was realy close from being second Kowalski from "Vanishing Point" for me .

I'm working on gym day by day and riding my Banshee almost every day. After accident i have just realized how dedicated for riding and adrenaline i'm it's just my passion my drug , fear is my motivation . My normal weight is 91 kg after accident i was 67 kg hehe now i'm 91 kg again hehe.

I want to thanks BIG BIG TIME to my fiance Sylwia for helping and charging me !!!! My photos from today. UNTIL THE DAY I DIE !!!!

Szwed forgot to post up this picture.... hahahaha ok he didn't but I'd thought I'd burn him... he sent it so he should know I might just post it up.... hahahaha