Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Legend 13th March

Shows on right now and I'm here at the factory missing a bunch of appointments.

Its lunchtime so I figured I could squeeze in a quick post before I need to go downstairs and start filing more space into the tight tolerances so I can get the lower link to fit together in a little smoother before we send this bad boy off to paint. I don't want to paint it and then have to adjust anything so I might as well since I'm still waiting for the axles to get here from the subcontractor.

This is all part of the prototype process anyway to figure out how your tolerances are and what kind of changes you need to be to make production go easier. I'm actually suprised we haven't run into more problems but everthings coming together nicely *knock wood*.
I'm very pleased with how easy it is to install the shock with everything together - it basically just slides in through the front and bolts up easy.

The weight is 10.67lbs with shock but we still need to add paint and 4 aluminum axles, but then we get to take away weight because they forgot to do the inside windows on the driveside aluminum seatpost mast. My guess is it will be around 10.9 with everything done... of course we'll weigh it after its painted with everything in it. Production will be lighter as there are just a ton of places to shave weight off.
UPDATE: Jason [sicklines] just had me weigh the shock [with pin and spacers minus bolts] The spring on it is way too heavy at 500# but it came in at 2.65lbs... so in theory the Legend without shock is 8lbs ... still need to add and minus as above. I'm really stoked on that weight... wonder if we could shave a pound off and beat the Socom in weight...

This will probably be the last post on the Legend and you'll need to check for the next bit after its painted and assembled. Then you can come back here a few days later for tons more pics and other tidbits of information.

The Legend Mk1 will be the culmination of 3 long years to get this thing done. I will also be posting something on the speculation that we some how copied Canfield and might even get a quote from Lance and Chris who I know personally to go on the record that both of us knew nothing of each others projects until last August when we both found out we were doing something somewhat similar in suspension style but still different, in pivots, wheel path travel... well you name a characteristic and I'll guarantee its different. In fact I still remember the exact place and time when it happened.

Again thanks for the comments about me posting this stuff up.