Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Legend update 12th of March

things are just crazy as the show is tomorrow and we're scrambling to get this done.
The rear triangle has gone off to heat treat and is back. If you look you can see how the metal looks like its been cooked a little... well thats how it looks after its finished T4'd.

The rocker is pretty much complete and you can't see from this pic but there is a hole that goes through the middle of center part that helps to remove weight. Also you'll notice the little groove on the edges of the rocker.... that's where the cables go and that little hole is where the zip tie slides into to hold the cable in place. We're pretty pleased with the smooth lines the cables run and it should help with crisp shifts.

The lower link is big, strong, and stiff with massive axles that should keep that backend from squirling around making the bike track great in the corners. The axles, again, will be similar to the VF4B axles with the grease ports and are aluminum to lighten the bike again.

I've weighed the rear swingarm without any of the pivots and exactly as you see in the picture. Its 2.65lbs exactly. that leaves us with 5-6lbs to play with for the front triangle and all the links. So far its on target for the 10.5lbs mark for the whole thing... infact we're looking at it and thinking its still overbuilt even at 10.5lbs. but rather this then having it underbuilt.

I'm glad i'm here to document it coming together for you. I've been getting emails from riders who are stoked to be a part of the process even though you can't be here at least maybe you can appreciate the pressure we're under and the challenges we're facing getting something like this put together.

I think tomorrow I'll be able to show you a complete frame after the front triangle comes out of heat treat tonight. It will then go onto paint and at the show I'll be assembling the frame with all the parts.
Yesterday I just picked up brand new brakes from Funn... the Drop ins and a set of Drop outs... So big thanks to Ollie, Lynn and the rest of the people at Funn for sticking around late and getting that together for us.
I'll have a seperate post for the mayhem of driving around downtown Taichung on a couple of scooters looking for a new laptop for Gabriel from Session.

Oh and I just got news Markolf and the rest of the team in Brazil pretty much owned the podium at last weekends races. It will be nice when Gabriel can hand deliver the Legend to Markolf and see how he does with a true Banshee world cup race bike under him.

Ok, i'm out... gotta get back to all my emails. If you haven't heard from me for a day its because I didn't have internet access in Taichung but expect a message from me shortly.