Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend number 2 in TW

I had to stay at the factory on Saturday to be around for the Legend production so I missed out on Sat. ride. Steve [Niner] followed Lance [Canfield] off a ladder stepdown and the bike he was riding had too soft of front springs and basically spiked one of his crank arms into the ground which catapulted him sideways into a tree.
They got back to the factory around 10pm and Steve was totally worked. He figures he might have either cracked or broke a rib.

So its now Sunday as we leave Steve back at the factory and Me, Lance and Chris [both Canfield brothers] head out for a rip. We pass under Lance's favorite sign... we don't have a clue what it means but its got a skull and crossbones so I guess its a warning of some sort - ah ignorance is bliss.

I decided to ride a fully this time and we loaded up the Scream. It was definitely a lot faster and made the stair runs a lot smoother.
We all got in 2 runs and then it was time to do some trail maintenance.

We basically just built up a few berms, added a sweet hip to a current jump that was in the top section -Chris sent it on the last run after we finished the trail work and it looked flowy and sweet.
We built up the lip on the gap jump and basically did a few other things.

This week everyone in the industry who has any business over here -which is everyone practically- will be here for the Taipei show.

Gabriel, our Brazilian distributor-Session, is flying in tomorrow. I got his MSN message yesterday and hes bringing his Morphine with him. He told me he was riding around hamsterland [amsterdam] doing a little urban burn and visiting his friends before flying out here. I'm really glad he's coming because he's a good digger and I already scoped out where I want to build a set of dirtjumps... surprise ... as I hand him a shovel greeting him at the airport tomorrow.

Lance goes home on Friday -I think- so we're going to try to get out on wednesday for a little rip with whoever arrives this week. The ride might include Tom Delacy from WTB as he did mention an urban assault in Taipei; Harry from Hayes suspension and Ollie from Funn might be coerced into throwing on the gear but we'll have to see cause most people will be pretty busy getting ready for the show.

Anyway... it was getting dark and we wrapped it up for the day. Got in a couple more runs and then it was off to sushi express to chow down.
Each plate represents 30NTD which is equal to about $1.00US. Each plate has about 2pcs of sushi on it and when the bring you a beer the also bring 3 plates. At the end of the meal they add up all your plates and figure out your total.
We ended up with 42 plates which was about $40 for 3 and included 3 beers. Its such a great deal [about $14 per person] and your totally stuffed when you leave.

I wish i had some riding pictures but I hate to stop when I got the mojo flowing and you're trying to keep up with a redbull rampage alumni and his brother who races elite in the US. I think I faired pretty well... all those years on the Shore help to hone ones Ninja riding reflexes.

Well I'm out... look for more Legend updates this week as we should have it together before Friday if all goes well.