Friday, March 7, 2008

Legend part 2

The Legend is coming along quite nicely.
The hydroformed tubesets are here and many of the CNC parts are close to being done. We still have the lower link to get started on and I think thats next on deck.
The last peice will be the seattube mast that incorporates the mainswingarm pivot, BB shell, and the rocker pivot and we need to get this one perfect as everything is built around this part.

This frame is proving to be quite the challenge and I have been assured it will be the most expensive one the factory has ever made but this is more an exercise in seeing what we can do then about how to make the most money.

Me and Ryan [designer of many DH race bikes] have placed a friendly bet on how much it will weigh and I am guessing under 10.5 lbs with 9.5"x3 stroke shock. He said we could definitely get more weight out of it but we both agreed that we should keep it strong as I do want to have this as a more then 1 season race frame. Also even at 10.5lbs you're still going to end up with a sub 40lb race bike; that will be around what the Sundays and DHR's are building up to so its not the lightest [Intense Socom or the Patriot] but its right in there with what is considered to be the best of the best.

Anyway its Saturday right now and tomorrow is a riding day so maybe on Monday I'll have another update if I see some significant progress.
Me, Steve [Niner], Lance and Chris [Canfield], Ryan [Astrix] will be going out for a rip tomorrow. Me and Ryan had to work today but the rest of the crew brought shovels to buff out Speedtrap so hopefully the weather will be sweet and they cleaned up that burm to gap for added pop and speed.
Last night was a blast cause after dinner we went to the Jhongli go-karts and everyone was pretty even in skill. Heading into the last chicane i got bumped sideways and then Lance T-boned me so hard i got this freaking fist sized purple bruise on my back from the whiplash in the seat hahahahaha. I was wondering what that pain was when I woke up this morning... crazy but goodtimes for sure.

Well I gotta get back at it here but of course I'll keep posting up pics as I get them. As always, thanks for the comments they're always fun to read.