Monday, March 8, 2010

Fogelsode #18: Bike Building and the Sandiest Step-Up

After about a month of the Amp being out of commission from snapping the fork at Woodward, I got a new fork, along with quite a few other goodies!  Huge thanks go out to Nuke Proof, Straitline, and Gamut for getting me all set up with a new build for the Amp!  I loaded up my truck and drove on down to Scotts Valley Cycle Sport to build it up.  I got more and more excited with each part installed until it was finally complete!  It’s basically a brand new bike now, and I was stoked that it ended up being so light, coming in at just under 25.6 pounds!

With huge amounts of stokage, I grabbed a burrito, put my pads on, threw my bike in the truck, and drove straight over to the local step-up.  As I was driving it started raining, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to ride!  As soon as I pulled in to park, the rain stopped and I cruised down the trail to meet up with Justin, Max, Cob, and Clay.  Justin did what he does and nailed some awesome shots of my bike before I got it all sandy!p4pb4673892[1]After that, the sesh was on and everyone started throwing down!  It rained on and off throughout the day, but that just kept the landing nice and moist!  Clay nailed a couple flatspin 360s and Max learned sick no-foot-cans!  Cob was killing it with some huge no-foot-cans, supermans, dumped 3s, and tabled-dumped 3s!  I worked on getting used to riding a hardtail again, which luckily didn’t take long.  It was crazy tricking this bike after riding my Rampant for so long!  Don’t get me wrong, the Rampant tricks easy, but this bike is almost too easy.  The first tailwhip I did was around before I even knew I kicked it!  I was stoked to get some flip-whips, 3-whips, no-foot-can flips, and superflips in throughout the day!  Soon the sesh came to an end and we packed up and cruised out.  I’m absolutely stoked on the new set-up and can’t wait to ride it some more!



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rob c said...

hey Jack

since you run your seat slammed

get your sweaty hands on a Macneil Pivotal setup!!

grab a suitable seatpost - Alien Nation to suit the AMP, or a DMR lockjaw V2 with a 27.2mm shim

and then choose from 1 of 100s of BMX and MTB Pivotal saddles

it shaves the saddle / post weight in 1/2, and makes your setup pretty much unbreakable...

I use Pivotal on both my BMX and my Rampant (and on my old Wildcard) and its never let me too ;)