Friday, March 12, 2010

Aussie edit, Golden hour.

So over the last few days we got a couple of days of much needed rain, altho everything is dry now it gave us a little time to fix up an old trail and build some freeride hits. Here is what Jason and I came up with from filming one afternoon in some nice Aussie lighting. enjoy.



Robert Dunnet said...

like the tuck no hander off the step down ... good video

Jack Fogelquist said...

that was so dialed!

Keith Scott said...

Great filming Jason, and Alan, I'm glad you are showing people that you rip up the trails too! one section reminded me of that time I rode Karate Monkey with you and Marcelo, and marcelo went so fast that we both crashed out trying to keep up... although to be fair you made it 2 corners further than me!

Sean McDermott said...

That's a tight little trail you've got there. You're lookin quick on that Rampant too.

That TNH on the stepdown in the light of the setting sun was a really sick shot.