Monday, January 11, 2010

Amps first – 2010 Website is coming

So I just finished taking a bunch of pics of all our bikes in all their color ways.

Which will be for the new website which is totally late but it’ll be worth it when its done.

DSC_0061We still have lots of work to do on it and i’m probably gonna get in trouble for posting a link to it here but thats what its gonna look like.

I also finally did something i’ve been meaning to do for 6 years. Get the weights of our bikes hahaha and take pics of them on a digital scale. The Amp raw is 4.5 even which is pretty decent for a regular with seat collar and nothing else.

DSC_0158 DSC_0170 DSC_0179

Check out the album for super giant pics of the frames. All you need to do is just click the image a few times and it will blow up bigger then your screen.

DSC_0187Ryan D. also made me up this cool sticker thats going on all the bikes after I personally inspect each one. No one except me has these stickers so before it goes in a box it has to have one and again that means i’ve gone over every inch of it.

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fakawi said...

excellent banshee website! in Joomla 1.5 too! great job Ryan!

Jay MacNeil said...

Big props to Dominic and Eric too... for all the coding.
We have much work ahead tho but we're getting close.

Ryan said...

Yeah dude Dominic and Eric ate working super hard to make my drawings and crazy instructions into something workable.

Sneeck said...

Looks nice, but will those stickers be on the 2010 amp's? It looks like the little toptube sticker near the seattube is giving you the finger lol, nice!

Brandon Turman said...

On the new website, I suggest having the photos of the bikes slightly enlarge when you click the various genres. It'll help them pop out more, as opposed to simply having them highlighted. This will help people understand how it works more intuitively. Looking good!

Keith Scott said...

Oh Jay, I think you may have opened a tin of worms here showing the non finished web product. haha. Don't worry, we have already requested a lot of improvements over what you see there. think if that link as just a rough indication of what might be coming in terms of rough layout and graphics.

Robert Dunnet said...

amp looks great

Brandon Turman said...

Rad! I knew ya'll were on top of it.

Frames are looking gooood. Can't wait to see the new Rampant and Legend!

Anonymous said...

Firstly. Those Amp's are looking awesome!

Secondly: That website would have to be the single coolest bike website I've ever been to! Well designed, aesthetically brilliant, interesting stuff about the bikes. Brilliant work!

P.S. Would I be right in thinking that it's being done on a Mac?

Jay MacNeil said...

yeah i probably did open a can o worms but i figured whats it gonna hurt... really.
I'll try to get Dominic to throw updates as it goes... at least people can see some of the new stuff we're doing now and maybe get some information in a concise place... as yeah its all on the blog but the website has always packaged the info in an easy to find way.

Plus it will be neat going back to see if anyone updated it. Think of it as the industry's first soft launch of an unfinished website hahahaha.

Oh and the Amp stickers come in the box not on the frame so you can put them on where you like or don't even put them on at all.

The maple leaf sticker is removable too if you want that clean look.

Thanks for the comments guys... means alot.

Jack Fogelquist said...

looks soooo nice, both the frame and website! you guys are killing it!

Sneeck said...

Is it possible for '09 amp owners to get a stickerset like the '10s? I kinda dig the finger thing, it's like sending a message don't f*** with me.

Anonymous said...

This sticker is a very cool idea! And yes, that is Quality-Control at its best!!!

Greetings from Cologne, Germany

Robert Dunnet said...

sneeck, send me your information to and I will do my best to get you a set of 2010 amp stickers.