Friday, June 5, 2009

More Winterberg...

Ed Von Schleck just sent me a big ZIP file full of photos he took during Wednesday's riding session at Winterberg bike park - big thanks Ed!

I'll let the photos do the talking...

John, Rob and Ed's brother training the DH track

Expert hip line in the Slopestyle park

Session on the timber jumps in the SS park

Boosting off the timber jumps in the SS area

Super tacky tires and concrete bowls = scary

Sequence at the start of the Expert hip line in the SS park

Drop in the Funride area

Threading the skinnies before sending a big drop at the end

Watch those Syncros pedals!!

Pushing up in the SS park next to a casualty of war

Wallride sequence - natural direction

Wallride sequence - switch direction

Session on the North Shore

Pinning one of the gaps on the DH track

Mythic Rampant + knobbly tires = abuse friendly

Run through the rock garden on the DH track

Ed recovering from a 'soccer' injury - healing vibes!!


Stephen said...

Looks awesome. Cant wait to see some video footage. How was the Wildcard? Jim @ freeborn has just convinced me to get one as my next bike.

NoStyle said...

Oh yes, Winterberg is so much fun!!! Hope you had a great time there!


Moritz said...

Good to see those pictures on here. :-) I'm currently working on the video but it'll take a couple of days before it's done as it's my first time editing a video.

- Moritz (aka Ed)

Sneeck said...

Stephen, believe me the Wildcard performs beautifully in winterberg. I run mine in the short travel setup with a lyric at 115 up front and it does ride bloody fun. I even prefer the downhill on low travel for some reason. You won't be dissapointed when you get one for sure.

NoStyle said...

Stephen, I can confirm Sneecks statement! I´m loving my Wildcard so much and it is simply the right Bike for that and more ..

Guillaume said...

I might go there during the summer to taste a bit european riding after 2 season in whistler in a row

I will do some usual chest cam