Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Healing Vibes to Kenny.

DH ripper, Legend test rider and my good mate Kenny Howard, has just been chatting to me on this amazing invention called the tinterweb.

At the weekend he took a spill on a supermoto bike while practising in Seattle area. The bike crushed and twisted his leg when the front wheel washed out on him and, but typical Kenny thought nothing much of it and rode back to the pits where he figured he had dislocated his Knee, so drove himself to hospital.

Turns out that he had a tibial plateau fracture (break just below the knee, but close enough that it has likely affected the joint), so he is now stuck with a full leg (crotch to toe) splint awaiting more scans from the doc. It is likely that he have to go 3 months without walking, then 6 months before knee surgery as it is likely he has a lot of ligament damage as well. So will be out of riding for a year or so.

Tough times bud! I'm sending you healing vibes, and I'm sure lots of the Banshee family will be doing the same when they read this. I hope that things turn out better than originally thought and that you do your normal super fast healing.


Sneeck said...

My gosh talk about unlucky. If one thing sucks more than bad weather is not being able to ride for so long.

I really hope you heal up quickly and most important properly with no side effects that limit´s proper mountainbiking. I bet there are loads of complications with a fracture like that.

Dean said...

Ouch man!!

Sorry to hear of the injury.

All the best.

Norbert said...

Damn, horrible news. Hope you get well.
Healing vibes.

Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

hate to here about a rider that has been injured. i hope that you heal up fast and are back doing what you enjoy soon ...