Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Banshee at the Arduum Challenge Mission BC

Ok this is what it is


So the Industry Team Banshee/Trident will be racing and I’ll be doing the boring picture taking and manning o the booth again. Yeah I do ride a bike but am getting c*ck blocked on this because someone has to do the PR stuff and I didn’t sign up for the race series cause i was in Taiwan so …

Anyway taking pics is still fun and I think from all the views everyone liked my crash photos.

There will probably be many more this time as Arduum is steep, technical, and not a very forgiving race course. Lets hope crashes high, but carnage low… we want everyone to get home safely.

Here’s how you get there.

Map picture


We’ll also have a couple of bikes with us to demo so if you want to try one bring a creditcard and picture ID.

Trident will also have some service parts for Manitou or can have a look at your fork [for a can of beer fee]… ok I made that part up.

Hope to see you there


Keith Scott said...

I've heard that this course is really going to seperate the men from the boys. Steep and tech...Enjoy!

Dean said...

I pre-rode the course last night again and it is looking spectacular right now. Steep, rocky, off-camber and lots of roots.