Friday, May 29, 2009

The Amp ...and... PAIN is a part of this game

This is my 1st blog...My name is Jim. I live and work in Taiwan. Rob (Goulet) is my younger brother. I like to ride bikes and build jumps/trails. I also like long walks on the beach, watermelons and man bags.
I have ridden a number of hard tails in the past including the specialized P3, but no other hard tail that I have ever ridden compares to the banshee amp. I have only had the Amp for about a month, but it didn't take long for me to discover that this bike was special.
I like to hit dirt jumps and just any plain old jump. With the Amp it almost feels like it does the work for me. The first thing I said to Goulet was that it felt as though I did not have to do anything. The Amp was doing it for me. My previous bikes were a little on the heavy side, but to be honest I did not think weight would have a big effect on riding performance. The AMP is light and has definitely changed my mind.
Not only is the Amp a great DJ bike, it is also a smooth ride. Just like a nice asian gal, the Amp is smooth through the corners and pumps fast over the rollers.

Pain hurts! haha I grew up playing sports so I am no stranger to a little pain. And if you want to improve on your bike, then you are bound to have a crash or two. I just wish I was 18 again, I would even settle for 26. I started riding a bike a little late in life and need to make up for lost time. Living in Taiwan I can ride all year round so I can improve quickly, but trying new tricks requires a bunch of crashes. And Crashes and injuries go hand in hand... I have been trying to learn how to tail whip and after about 100 crashes, I almost landed one.. but on the one that I almost landed I left my left foot behind me and rolled over on it pretty bad. My ankle is still not 100%, and I walk with a slight limp most days. I am slowly getting back into the saddle and hope to be tail whipping soon.
I modified a jump today and we were hitting it to see how it felt... It just wasn't throwing us up enough.. it threw me funny and I came down on my sore ankle, and then Rob (Goulet) crashed and re-hurt his bum knee. ( I am sure he will tell you about it) But watching him go down and seeing how much pain he was in, was not a pleasant sight... But hey, crashing and pain is part of this game!


morganDUNNET said...

Nice entry. I like you guys. I don't go outside much but maybe I will start biking....make a pump track down my hallway.

Jay MacNeil said...

Great post... sometimes its not all fun and games and you do have to pay to play.
Goodthing my MCL feels nice and strong after the tear. I was really worried that it was going to be a nagging problem - I'm getting old too hahahaha