Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You may be wondering, what the hell am i going on about?

It's simple..Fireroad, Up and Down

As many injured "athletes" want to keep "training" without further aggravating your my case i want to keep riding my bike as it keeps me happy!

Following a bizarre workshop-accident involving an X-Type crankset (don't ask) I took a trip in the white taxi (ambulance) to Kingston Accident & Emergency to have my shoulder relocated in its socket

Thankfully, a copious volume of Entenox (Nitrous Oxide) and an inflatable splint meant my shoulder found its own way home into its socket, before i even got to the hospital, it actually took longer to get the bus back to Esher from Kingston....

Recovery from a dislocation takes a good month, with the first 2 weeks have to take it easy, and once its settled start on the rotator-cuff exercises to strengthen the joint and provide balance

So out goes any "freeride" and in comes FUD...Fireroad up and down...which is also my favourite quick winter ride to prevent the post-ride cleaning blues (as soon as you go off the fireroads in the winter its a mud bath, and cleaning muddy suspension bikes is not really fun)

Where i live in North-West London, we are lucky enough to have "Hampstead Heath" just a 10 minute road-ride north of my house - a huge area of ancient woodland with a couple of legal cycle routes up a long fireroad climb, and lots of off-road singletrack and various descents..its amazing to have this sitting on a hill above London city

Being injured, I don't want to stress my shoulder and so tighten my shoulder brace, and head up the fireroad for a good 15 minute climb to the top, ride across the top, do a couple of loops around the top and then back down the fireroad, the way i came

Riding a 34lb "slopestyle" bike up a hill gives a great aerobic workout

Do you think a sign is going to stop me??

Hammering up the fireroad to the top of the Heath, pro pedal on and the Lyric on 115mm

Bet Keith never thought people would ride the Wildcard up big hills? this bike is an awesome climber for sure, with the right setup ;)

"top of the world, ma" London city sits below the Heath...

Coming down the fireroad at a leisurely pace, so as to not run any nice folk over

Bottom of the Heath, you can see the whole of London from Parliament Hill, awesome view before dropping back into the urban backstreets of Kentish Town, where i live


Rob C


Jay MacNeil said...

Wow that totally blows.
At least if you did it while jumping or something but fawking it while working on a crank really sucks hard and especially now since we're fully in the season.

Healing vibes

Fakawi said...

That sucks man..
A bit of medical trivia for you:
"Reported recurrence rates of anterior dislocations, particularly in younger athletes who throw overhead, are as high as 90 percent"
from the following studies:
1)Rowe CR, Sakellarieds HT. Factors related to recurrences of anterior dislocations of the shoulder. Clin Orthop 1961;20:40-8.
2)McLaughlin HL, MacLellan DI. Recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder: II. A comparative study. J Trauma 1967;7:191-201.

Keith Scott said...

Ah man, that sucks Rob! I hope that the physio and rest work wonders and your shoulder gets strong again! Once it feels strong, you should consider trying rock climbing, it will really strengthen the muscles round the joint!

Man, the stupid injuries are the worst ones, I know I guy who slipped on spilt beer in a pub once and fell down some strair. he snapped his ACL and badly tore his MCL. it happened 2 weeks before he was meant to be going on a round the world cycle trip.

Healing vibes mate! I officially have a flat in Edinburgh now, so if you want some time out of london come septemeber, then just jump on the train north, you are more than welcome to stay!

Schwara said...

Oh, such a stupid injure! I have got also x-type on my bike, I have to be carefull in work shop:)
Wish you quck recovery!