Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Esher Shore 2008 Jam video

great turn out for the Shore Showdown 2008 esher shore riding Jam on Sunday 29th June...over 100+ riders and loads of spectators

Despite working my ar*e off all day..I managed to squeeze in some runs in both bike park and went a little too sideways on this shot above, nearly ripping my tire off and covering my back wheel in tubeless sealent ha ha

here's a low resolution version of Crazy Jey's Jam footage...should be a higher res. version on pinkbike soon and also a DVD which will be play in-store and perhaps make available for a small fee...


thanks to Rob "look at the butterflies" Bigwood for the still photos


rob c


national lottery said...

Well done for this wonderful blog.

Keith Scott said...

It was a great day Rob! Well done for all your hard work in building organising and running. It hould have been called the Rob Cole jam, we both know it!

Keith Scott said...

Can I also add that I won a prize!... at a dirt jump comp!! I know, for those of you who know me #the hack# this will make you laugh.

I'm not entirely sure what the prize was for... I think it was maybe cos I was the oly one hitting every transfer out there. It certainly wasn't trick related I'll tell you that!

rob c said...

the prize was for your radical transfer move from one dirt jump to the 'other

good work fella!

9er said...

looks like a super fun bike jam contest. Congrats to ya!