Thursday, March 6, 2008

Riders rigs

Just poking around on our Malaysian/Singapore distributors site and found this beauty.There are more pics here on the Fakawi Tribes website

If you have have a freshie, and want the world to see your pride and joy send me a link and I'll be happy to post it. I know me and Keith are totally stoked when we see how people have built them up and each one is unique so its a real treat for us to see them.


Phil Steinhardt said...

2 freshly built UK Mythics for you...

I plan on using my Wildcard for pretty much everything from trail riding to light DH in the Alps.
I am loving how the bike rides so far and wouldn't change a thing.

My girlfriend uses her Rampant for pretty much the same thing...the low standover, light weight and strong build make an ideal trailbike for girls that like to ride some gnarlier stuff every now and again.

Keith Scott said...

Thats awesome Phil! Did you have a banshee before? how do you feel the bikes preform relative to your previous bikes?

You have built them both up really nicely! I hope you both have years of fun on them!

Phil Steinhardt said...

My recent bike history is a bit chequered... :-)

I had a Scirocco hardtail for about 3 years and absolutely adored it. In November I decided to go full-sus, passed the Scirocco on to a mate and got a SC Heckler...but the frame was faulty and as I didn't like the way it rode all that much, so i returned it. After riding a few bikes I got hold of a Commencal MiniDH. Decent bike but not without ir's problems and I decided I wanted a much lower standover and an uninterrupted seat it was a bit 'spongey'. Other small inconveniences for the UK included the shock position and interrupted cable routing. The Wildcard rides better than anything I've been on...every bike is a compromise in some way but this thing is awesome. I prefer the 6.5" setting for my riding, but this may have something to do with the coil shock and 550lb spring...I reckon it feels like it would need about a 100lb lighter spring in the 5" mode to get the sag right.

As for the Rampant, my g/f had a Specialized Myka - entirely the wrong bike for a girl who likes downhills, hard trails and a bit of light freeride. There are very few decent bikes out there for girls, and the Rampant is perfect for someone small that rides quite smooth but doesn't want a 'weak' XC or trail bike. She says it's very confidence inspiring and chuckable, and the back doesn't move around on rocky descents.

I think you might be shooting yourself in the foot branding these bikes as "slopestyle" and 4x specific...the Wildcard makes an excellent UK hardcore trail/playbike that I am guessing will handle the odd ski resort quite easily, and the Rampant is the best trailbike frame out there I have come across for small people and women who like to do a bit of everything.

The best way to sum it up is both bikes when built up just feel 'fast'. The turn-in is precise, they feel nicely balanced, sleek and above all quick. Really quick. I can see people winning some races on these bikes in categories they really weren't intended for. :-)

Keith Scott said...

haha, I'm glad you are liking both bikes, I know that the wildcard can be fast... trust me I was riding whistler all last summer on it, and was riding faster and smoother than I had every done before. I also rode the rampant a lot there, on everything from A-line to Goats gully, if you are a good enough rider to control it at speed, and find the right lines, then I believe that the rampant could be one of the fastest bikes in the world on any terrain (excluding road!)

Yeah, I have to constantly tell people that the wildcard feels good while DH racing, most people write it off, which is a shame...for them!

Marcel Balog said...

After I rode our demo 2007 Pyre in Rio de Janeiro´s DH Championship I believe what you say Keith.
If the Pyre was that stable and smooth, I cannot wait to build my Wildcard up, everybody that rode the Rampant here absolutely loved it...
Just to imagine a lighter and lower Chaparral is great, to assemble my new Wildcard will be an orgasm, hahaha!
Guys... I have to say it again and again... this 2008 line up rocks!

bansheefrench said...

then if the whole range is so good
the scythe will be my weapon

lighter than my old fashion scream
waw awesome

I m sure i'll be cry when it will arrived at home