Sunday, March 9, 2008

Legend Mk1 update again

We've hogged out the inside of the "canoe" and created the little windows inside as well as outside.
Not only do these little windows look cool they serve a greater purpose by turning the piece into an I-beam. This shape is actually much stronger then if we were to just make the piece without the windows. So although generally you won't see this when looking at the bike the importance of doing it far from asthetics.
It does cost more to do the added machining but in addition to strength there is a further reduction in weight as well.
It will always be function before form at Banshee and we will compromise on looks before we compromise on strength, or performance but its nice when both can come together to make something beauty.

Update: later that day...
Ok now we have the back part started in the NC and have both halves of the canoe now.
The rear swingarm is being welded up and hopefully we can get into the oven for heat treating to T4 today.
All aluminum after its welded needs to be aged for strength. To age it faster you stick it in an oven but if you're willing to wait a month you can let it age naturally.
After heat treating to T4 we wait 3 days and then heat treat again but to T6 however I still think its best to let it still age a bit naturally after getting to T6 before you start riding the frame.


banhsee french said...

the last picture the canoe looks like an alien head

super nice!!

Sneeck said...

I want to touch!!!

Beautiful machining right there! Almost a shame to paint it.

Aaron said...

Canoe? More like viking ship! Arrg! When I look at it all I see is dollar signs...ouch! But hey, most expensive bike the factory has ever produced - how cool is that? Thank goodness you can recover the cost with volume - oh no wait, limited runs, doh!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything isn't about making money!

I like their approach and its nice to know there won't be noobs/posers on it for at least a year. Priceless

Keith Scott said...

haha, noobs!

Ah I don't care what bikes people ride, as long as they are having fun. Obviously I would love it if all the mechanics, experienced riders and engineers out there were choosing my designs over others on the market, but at the end of the day its all about having fun, and riding a bike your proud of.

Hack On Wheels said...

Dear lord, that is beautiful!
Thanks for the updates, watching it come together like this is great. I can't wait to see the finished product, hope it goes together smoothly for you guys!

colin said...
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Keith Scott said...

Colin, don't worry, all the production legends will be smooth and properly finished... its just that we are in a massive race against time to get this bike ready for the Taipei bike show, and smothing the surfaces takes time, thats all.

I guess for the show its ok, as it shows just how much work has gone into manufacturing this frame not to mention the 1000's of hours I spent designing it.

colin said...


I can definitely understand your race to a deadline. Im in the middle of one right now! All of your guy's hard work is definitely shown in the bike and its looking great. So far its truly a work of art! Im sure itll make a splash at the show.