Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another rider video from Dean on his Rune...

I'll let the riding do the talking!


Jay MacNeil said...

sweet vid, good music, and very fun to watch... thanks dean!!!

bansheefrench said...

thank you bro
I have been just once at the woodlot and did platinium and heckel and jeckel but we did just one run shame
please gave us more

Shin said...

Great vid Dean! I love helmet cam footage and that one makes me wanna ride.

Is shotgun one your creations too?

Dean said...

Only Snake and Ladders and Quick Hit are 'mine'. Shotgun is one of the original trails at The Woodlot and is a blast to ride. I'm not sure who built it originally but it has been maintained over the years by the core group of builders at The Woodlot. The helmet cam footage makes it look a lot smoother than it really is.

I am absolutely loving the Rune and its definatley allowing me to push myself on the way down as well as on the way up.

Nick said...

Great vid Dean!

Just a queston... I'm looking for an helmet cam... Can you gimme an advice?!

And... what's the song?! (Thanks Nikki!).

Nice!! Lovely trail!

Dean said...


The camera I use is a Panasonic DMC-FX07 digital camera. I fabricated a custom mount for my helmet. The picture quality is as good if not better than most 'affordable' helmet cams I've seen and it all fits in my pocket.

The song Nikki chose is Low Rider by ZZ Top.

Have a good one.


Shin said...

"The helmet cam footage makes it look a lot smoother than it really is."

Nah, the rider is. Skillllllz!!!

Keith Scott said...

yeah, I'm with shin on this one, Dean, your just very modest, you are ripping down that trail! It looks fairly mellow in helmet cam footage, but I have done helmet cam stuff before, and I know that its always much much harder / steeper / rootier / rocker than it appears in the footage!

I want to make a trip to the woodlot this summer while I'm out in Canada now!

bansheefrench said...

woodlot is an awesome place to ride
as we say here :"chapeau bas"