Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Like This Update #2

I posted a few weeks ago about a web film i am working on titled 'You Like This' and since that post we have been going hard filming almost every day (i borrowed a Banshee tent from the last race and it has really helped in the rain). I have been taking inspiration from big mountain skiing and I feel the two lines pictured below best illustrate that.

The first photo is a line we named Goat Vindlou, after one of our crew’s favorite curries made by Chef Don at Squamish’s own Essence of India. When I started building the line I had to rappel into it, mountain goat style. Goat is essentially a very exposed double drop, you air the first drop, land on a shelf to immediately take off again into a much bigger air. You can’t see it in the photo, but once you land the drop you rail a berm/jump which gaps over a road and then into a small drop. I have a cool move I have been working on for that drop but you will have to watch the film to see what it is. After Goat Vindaloo you ride a short section of trail right into the line featured in the second photo which we affectionately called 'Garlic Naan' which is a tasty side dish to the main course. The photo features cinematographer/ breaded Arcteryx wearing mountain man/producer/editor Taylor Loughran throwing up the ‘You Like This’ thumbs up, is a rock air, into a chute then off a decent 20 footer (you put your wheels down a few feet below Taylor).

To be honest, I was pretty nervous to guinea pig it the whole line but once I pulled my helmet and looked down at the ridiculously confidence inspiring Legend/Dorado combo I knew it was going to go just fine. And well it did!