Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nick Simcik and Devon in Utarado

Well, this isn't a Banshee in this shot. This is Nick Simcik on a Transition and a good buddy of mine. This guy is always down to build/ride/photo/have a good time. This shot was from a place we call Utarado. It's a pretty cool place. As the snow if falling outside here in Crested Butte Colorado, I am sure that it is sunny there. Why? Because it is always sunny in Utarado. If you are ever in the Colorado/Utah area and want to ride bikes and take photos, then hit me up!

Ride Fast, Take Chances.


Rob here: Nick is also a Demon Dirt team rider. He was big on helping Nick Moore out with the "I Ride for Nick's Eyes" auction. I have heard from Nick Moore that the surgery was a success and that things are looking good for both eyes. If you were the two guys that purchased the custom painted Amps they left the factory today. Thanks a lot for your support.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet