Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Ride For Nick's Eyes


On Monday night I heard from a good friend that Demon Dirt's Nick Moore is going blind. I had the pleasure of meeting Nick at Goat Style in July a couple days before my wonderful hospital visit. My hospital bill would have been in the $50,000 range if I did not have travel insurance. I could not imagine having a broken back and trying to come up with that kind of cash. Imagine being told you are going blind and that your insurance will not cover the expensive surgery needed to correct the problem.

Watch video:

Now that you have watched the video go here and buy a jersey:

Now that you have purchased a sweet jersey get ready to bid on a couple of custom painted Banshee Amps.

Meet Amp 1:

Amp 1 is a Regular sized frame, custom painted purple and black with white Banshee logos. For geometry specs go here ... click on here ... it is a link ...

Meet Amp 2:

Amp 2 is a Long sized frame, after painting Amp 1 I thought it would be cool to see what an Amp would look like in purple and black. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. For geometry click here ... and here ... or here.

Once I know the details of when and where these babies will be auctioned off I will post it here. A bunch of other companies have also donated parts, frames, clothes ... to Nick so dig deep and let's save Nick's eyes.

Keep Riding,

Rob Dunnet