Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dennis Hoppe


I'm Dennis Hoppe, 18 years old from K-town/Germany and the new Banshee-Team-Rider.

I ride mountainbikes for around 4 years now and love it more and more.

Dirtjump, slopestyle, some park - but also freeride are my favourites. I like doing 360-combinations in all variations, tailwhips and others.

First time riding my new AMP gets me smiling - every trick runs directly perfect - it’s a really quick reacting, stiff & light frame - built with the view for details. Good stuff.

Since around my hometown are no real training possibilities for dirt jumping, I built a track in my parents garden.

The backyard consists of 3 jumps, a wooden startower and inbetween a pumptrack.

If it get’s darker a could simply turn on the lights and keep on riding - that’s always save the sessions :-)

2011 I want to ride as many contests as possible besides my apprenticeship as mechanic.

With the AMP I do dirt jumping and for slope/freeride I will use the RAMPANT which is still “under construction” - sadly awaiting parts.

Furthermore I want to personally thank banshee bikes & Rob for the benefit to ride the AMP and RAMPANT frame.

More detailed info coming soon.

Cheers Dennis