Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mythic grassroots programme launches

MYTHIC BIKES in conjunction with ESHER X is very proud to launch their 2011 grassroots programme open to all UK riders

This exciting opportunity is not aimed at "the best", but regular guys and girls with a good attitude who love riding bikes and want to develop their riding by entering dual-slalom, 4X, downhill and dirt jump competitions during 2011

We are offering a killer deal including: a complete Mythic AMP bike, Mythic clothing, technical support at events and 1 year's membership of the Esher X bike park which gives unlimited riding in the park, exclusive Team riding sessions and free entry to the 2011 Dual-Slalom Esher X race series!

Click on the image below to see this awesome deal in more detail....any enquries or questions send them to me -


Rob Cole
Mythic Bikes / Esher X

photo: Rob Dunnett