Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter time couch shreddin

Sooo some people know that I have been riding injured for the past two years..And if you dont know the story here is a quick summary! So in grade 10,February 4th 2008 to be exact, my first year living in BC after moving from Toronto. I was snowboarding at one of my favourite resorts, Sunpeaks. I was just goofing off cruising through the park with some friends, which at that time was one of my first times riding a park in over a year as going from Toronto to BC, you have to take advantage of snowboarding on a real mountain. I caught my back edge on a flat down flat on a back nose and as stupid as reactions are I put out my arms and long story short, Dislocated my left elbow, Placed it back in by accident from holding it so hard, then started biking 3 weeks later when it hadnt healed. Fast forward 4 months. I crashed really bad on a 3 in my buddies yard on a kinda big steep dirtjump and went to flat on my side. I hit the back of my bicep so hard that the top part of my arm broke through the bottom of my elbow and then dislocated, tearing and breaking its way out of the socket. 16 weeks healing time and long story short, the tendons didnt heal back, as the bone where the tendons were attached had broken and they had nothing to heal back to. After being screwed around for a year by a surgeon who seemed to have had his brain removed, we finally got in touch with someone with some smarts. I was thrown on a year to year and a half waiting list to have elbow surgery, during that time making it worse by eating shit on it. Fast forward to now Iam one month into a six month recovery after having my hamstring cut out of my leg and drilled, screwed and plated into my arm. I will say that the day of my surgery was the worst day of my life, waking up from "overdosing" during the surgery with a huge breathing machine shoved down my throat, then to return home and start puking for 3 straight hours till nothing but blood was coming out was not fun. Im doing decent now and heading back to whistler next week, where it will be the first season I will not be snowboarding in 12 years…Im getting pretty good at the new Black ops though!