Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ESHER X is go

this may nothing...some tape and pegs on the ground

However, this is the start of arguably the most exciting bike park project currently underway in England, UK

This is the start of the ESHER X project, bringing the new school riding to the old Esher Shore bike park site in Surrey, South-East England

We are all about the RACING - specifically Dual Slalom racing on a hybrid "new school" track featuring all the knowledge we have gained in 7+ years of North Shore, Dirt Jump and Pump Track construction

the photos show the "mark out" for the cargo container which will form the base for a massive roll-in tower complex, and also the initial dual slalom line coming off the roll-in tower start ramp (which will have a start gate and freelap timing system)

Today, Jesus John and I marked out a test trail for Freeborn customers who want to demo our bikes (including the Mythic Spitfire and Rune) on proper off-road terrain with a technical trail featuring fast singletrack, small drops, tree roots, a rock garden, short climbs and bits of north shore style timber

In addition to the dual-slalom track and test trail, we are building a "play trail" which will be similar to Winterberg's "Continental" area with big tabletops, step-ups, step-downs and big berms - all fully rollable but also jump-able for quicker riders, and we are looking at building more advanced "pro sections" off the main trail with dirt jumps, wall rides and stunts to ride

We are also hard at work rebuilding the Esher Pump Track and doubling its already impressive size with a brand new area as large as the existing pump track! John and I both just took delivery of brand new 2011 Mythic Rampant Raw frames with Fox RP2 BV shocks and are using our bikes to carefully hone the Pump Track to the perfect shape

for more info check out where there is a link to the Esher X blog and Twitter feed

we are also running a Mythic GRASS ROOTS programme through the Esher X bike park which will be a Mythic AMP bike featuring the awesome AMP hardtail frame with a Manitou Circus DJ fork, Avid Juicy 3 disc brakes and single speed gearing with tough wheelset

We are looking at putting this out to keen riders who want to race dual slalom / 4X and enter dirt jump competitions , including a 2011 Mythic DH jersey and technical backup, for under GBP£800 - all enquries to


rob cole @ esher x / freeborn bikes esher