Friday, October 1, 2010

Fogelsode S2 #2: Afternoon Seshes at Post

If there’s one thing that never fails to make me want to ride, it’s school.  Nothing like going through a day of classes, notes, tests, and homework with the urge to ride building as you watch each second tick by on the clock.  Fortunately I’m blessed to have Post Office down the street from my school.  With the crazy hot days we’ve been having this week, everyone’s been waiting until the sun begins to set before heading out to the jumps.  It’s been a good routine:  roll up in the late afternoon, give the jumps a nice watering, sip some iced tea, and start riding as the light turns golden and as it starts to cool down.  The shadows of lips and landings grow longer and longer until the sun has fully made its way past the horizon.  This is the best time to ride as it’s the coolest out and there’s a nice even lighting for a short while before it gets too dark to see.  It’s been good times getting seshes like these in here and there, keeping us all sane after school.