Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Like This!

You Like This is a web film currently being produced by Art Barn Film in Squamish B.C. Expect to see a selection of B.C. based shredders you may have heard of including Paul Stevens, Jeremey Norris, Ewan Farfard, Dan Skogland, Mirandia Miller, Andrew Teit, and myself. Art Barn Film has teamed up with Reel Water productions for this season and Reel Water productions will be filming a "behind the scenes" of the production of 'You Like This' for their web project 'The season 2'. To check out the first "Season" click HERE.

We have building cool lines and rad trail from Pemberton to Mission and filming when the weather is right. I am so stoked on the lines the Legend lets me shred, combining downhilling with free riding, allowing me to develop my own big mountain riding style.

Check out this shot from yesterday, photo by taylor loughran