Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jayme White on her Banshee Rune

Hey Keith,

The pics I sent have two set ups for the bike. The recent DJ pics are with a DH set up, but the BIKE pics have an all-mountain set up. That's one of the things I love most about the Rune -- you can descend AND pedal, no problem. And the lighter weight on the DH set up is nice for me because it makes the bike more maneuverable. I can ride XC, dirt jump, and downhill all on this bike.

Getting my Rune reminded me of the first time I ever tried downhill or rode a full-suspension bike. You can never go back. After that experience, you'll never have that kind of fun doing anything else or on any other bike.

I needed a pink bike, so our friend Art Boy (Crazy Concepts) painted it with pearlized pink flake -- giving it an iridescent finish that makes the Rune logo look navy blue. So I'm spoiled on Banshees (I also have a black ano Pyre), and everyone here in the Re:cycles crew has at least one. Y'all definitely have an unofficial bike team in North Carolina.

By far my favorite thing to do is to take my Rune downhilling at Snowshoe in West Virginia, which I've done with this bike for about three seasons now.I also like to take it on shuttle trips with my friends up in the North Carolina mountains, Wilson's Creek area. It's hard to see the pink most of the time for all the mud, but I guess you have to make sacrifices.

DH: Hope brakes, goodridge lines, I-9 wheels with pink hubs and two pinks spokes around the valve, race face atlas cranks, Marzocchi 888 air fork, XT shifter and derailleur
All-mtn: Everything's the same except I had Hayes brakes, a Marzocchi all-mountain fork, and my lucky pedals

Let me know if you need any more info or missives. It's so cool my ride is getting posted!!

I'll never ride any other bikes, that's for sure.



I'm pretty sure the guy in some of the photos with Jayme is her husband Merritt (correct me if I'm wrong), and action photos compliments of Robert Seth with Kinetic Images.