Friday, October 29, 2010

Rob's new Rampant

huge thanks to Keith and Jay at Banshee Bikes for hooking me up with a killer deal on a shiny new RAW Rampant frame

my red/white Rampant was 2 years+ old and the paint was a little beat-up

I was going to 'raw' my old frame but Keith suggested checking out the latest 'raw' rampant so I did a rider in Germany a great deal on my old frame and promptly got the Freeborn guys to add another short raw frame to the 2010 fall order

I've added an E13 LG1 chain device to replace my mangled E13 SRS, and have a clear black Fit pivotal saddle coming next week as the red saddle looks a little out of sorts on this raw / black setup

will get a better quality picture next week(the light was horrible today here in the UK), with the new saddle

happy trails!

Rob C
Mythic Bikes, England