Monday, October 11, 2010

Aaron and Strahan

Aaron LaRocque (Larock for you pinkbike 13 year olds) rides a Banshee Rune so basically that means everyone should ride a Banshee Rune. For Rune information see your local dealer or call Aaron direct (250-881-1542) he will be happy to answer your Rune related questions and talk about the perfect lighting.

Pictures are poached from Strahan Loken who also rides a Banshee Rune and a Banshee Legend. He is a Legend in his own right ... I actually think he was knighted last year. His direct line is a little harder to come by ...

This video was made my Scott Secco and I poached it too ... Scott is into cross country running and has the Rune logo tattooed on his right thigh ...

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet