Monday, October 4, 2010

Full Boar Challenge

So this weekend was the annual Full Boar Challenge up on Greenstone Mountain in Kamloops. The race was pretty night and day compared to last year. Last years race we had snow up top and this year we had dust up top. To be honest I thought it was better riding it in the snow than in dry weather, ha ha. My run was pretty sketchy, woke up feeling under the weather like every person who attended the hill climb. My rear bakes decided to stop working during the fastest part of the 16+ minute course so that’s always awesome! Managed to keep it together with the front brake and ended 4th place so that’s not too bad. Oh and as I understand new course record time to my buddy Chayse Marshall with a 14:49…. Must be a reason why he races WC ha ha.

Shot of me towards the bottom, notice the non-use of the back brake...

Ace Hayden