Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fogelsode #24: Sea Otter and Post Office Jam

Well, better late than never I suppose.  This Sea Otter was my favorite to date, with rad trains on the downhill course, perfect weather, and good times with the crew!  Epic got me set-up with their Epic HD helmet cam so that I could get some onboard footage of the downhill course.  It worked out great, and I ended up filming with that most of the time because I could ride and film at the same time!

The Post Office Jam was about as perfect as it could have been!  With rain showing up on the forecast, everyone was unsure as they rolled up to the jumps.  It was overcast, and looked like it could rain any second, but it didn’t, resulting in my favorite type of weather to ride in.  Everyone had a good time and threw down, with some highlights being Brandon’s corked 720, the longest train Post Office has ever seen, and Alex Pro going for a swim.  It was definitely one of the most fun days of riding that I’ve had; seshin’ all day with tons of riders that I don’t see very often!  Plus nobody got hurt!  To top it all off,we ended the day with some hefty burritos at Gordos.