Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pro GRT #2 Race Report from Graeme Pitts

The Venue:

Such a pleasure to have arrived at Plattekill mountain in New York State. This resort is definitely legendary, and the antithesis of Gucci - it is a down-to-earth, family-friendly place that makes me want to come back every year. The riding is epic. This year the weather gods were kind and only deposited a sprinkling of moisture the night before the race. Kudos to JDD for a seamless event - the Pro GRTs this year are running like clockwork, turning heads and getting attention from the global racing community.

The Course:

The same course we ran for Jr. World Championships Qualifier '08. Rooty, tight in the trees with a couple of good-sized hucks thrown in for fun. Enough steepness to keep the WC guys happy and enough flat so that it wasn't going to be won on skill alone. I really enjoyed riding and racing the course because it's awesome, technical and requires a fun, playful riding style to be able to hit quickly and ride fast, and a lot of commitment for the hucks. I'm having a particularly great time riding this year with Team Geronimo teammates Michael and Brian Buell.

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