Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing Cam Rouch

Team Banshee Australia would love to introduce to you our newest rider, Cam Rouch.   Cam is only 17 years old and already has had some impressive results in dirt jump!  He came 3rd in the recent Australian Dirt Jump Competition and we were so impressed with his attitude and style, we just had to sign him up.

Cam – “I Hopped on the bike when I was 4, started dirt jumping 10 years later.  My favorite trick is a 360 unturndowns and I’m currently learning Super Flips and double whips.  In the next 12 months I hope to build some trails up, have fun, learn some more new tricks and attend more comps. Oh yeah, and maybe fit University in somewhere too!” 

Cam recently attended Australia’s first round of a Freeride Competition in Sydney and placed 5th – which is quite amazing given he did it on his dirt jump bike.  Here’s what he had to say:

“The comp was interesting to say the least. Practice went well and I was completing north-shore sections I couldn’t do before and getting the dirt jumps smooth and consistent. When it came to the comp I aimed for a clean but very good run. X-up the first jumps to tailwhip the second jump, then into the north-shore and off the biggest drop there which was so rough. Then I did the wallride but at the bottom of the hill they had these 10 meter distance jumps which would be scary enough on a downhill bike let alone a dirtjump bike. The next run I stepped it up with a no foot can and just missed out on my 360 tailwhip. Continuing down the hill I did a different north-shore and that was it.!cid_image003_jpg@01CAEB6D
Looking back at the comp I felt I rode well and smoothly and made friends with everyone at the competition. I ended up placing 5th in A grade when looking at the course I was proud of considering I was riding a dirtjump bike against a bunch of 20 something year old downhill riders that just hucked everything. The whole comp was judged by their mates as well which explains why a backflip tuck no hander and a 360 tailwhip didn’t rate as highly as a bar humped flip to case or a 30 foot distance jump to flat! Haha”

Awesome stuff Cam!!  You’ll see more of Cam on his brand new Banshee Amp!!   Welcome to Team Banshee Australia mate!! 

We’re stoked

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