Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just got back from a trip to Moab/Fruita with the HLC boys. We did 4 days of riding in moab, a day in fruita, and a day floating down the colorado river. I have ridden porcupine rim on many bikes, the rune reminded me of how far bikes have come. Pedals and climbs better than some 5" bikes but hucks like a 7" bike! Honorable mention for the kindshock seatpost, which has been working great. Very handy for a long pedaly descent like porc rim. I am loving this bike!

On the way down at like 2am, we passed a car with a black Rune on the back somewhere in Idaho.... the next day at the slickrock trailhead, we saw the same car and bike! Reed from Oregon, wassup!

A few rune pics:
Looking out over Castle Valley, from LPS