Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pick up a T.

Hey guys,

So after Sea Otter, I hung out with Jack Fogelquist for a few days holiday in California.

On the Monday we went to the world famous 'Post Office' jumps in Aptos, which it would seem are about to be plowed for land development, which is a real shame, however the bike community in that area is so strong and active, that I'm sure an even bigger and better jump spot will rise from the ashes. What a great day was had by all!

At the jump jam I was talking to the photographer Jason Peters who showed me a T'shirt he had made based on one of his photos. The following words are from Jason.

'JDPETERS.COM Tuck Tee's are based off a photo by Jason Peters of a BMX rider at the world famous Post Office Jumps in Aptos, CA. The Tuck tee is printed on Tultex shirts which are made out of 100% cotton and is printed by DIY shirts in Costa Masa. This is the only run of this shirt that will be made and they are going quickly, so get yours now! Shirts come in three colors, Black, Navy Blue, White and come in all sizes from small to XL. The price has been dropped to $12! To buy a shirt email me at or go to the Ebay page.'

I actually happen to be wearing mine now, and it fits and looks great. Thanks Jason! So why not pick up a bargain and visit his e-bay shop... in a way, if the post office jumps do get destroyed, at least you will have a bit of history.